sekcja filmowa Plan 9

   Film Section Plan 9 was created from the joint forces of several amateur filmmakers from Poznan (Poland). The Section is represented by szalony KaPelusznik, Krzysztof "Karis" Kaszkowiak (WAFONIC) and a team of former Poznan Star Wars Fanclub members. We have been working together for some time now, but official cooperation started in May 2001, when SF Plan9 was founded.
   Among our productions one can find all kinds of variation of basically ever motive or cliche present in the modern culture. In our opinion any given subject has to comply with the only one requirement to be filmed - "cult status" (whatever this means). You can say that our films are invented by themselves :) - they are developed from a compilation of fan-fiction, lots of other films we have seen, sense of humour and being a bit against the pop-culture. Some people says that our productions are tasteless... So they are the result of our common tastelessness.
   It's no secret that the domain of all our productions is imitation and tribute to B-movies and popular action flicks. We have chosen such a specific field (maybe because it's easy) and for now we want to continue in this direction. Of course we respect basically whole cinema heritage - even strictly ambitious movies, we fully appreciate them and don't want to negate it in any way. We admire work of many people such as George Lucas, John Woo, Sam Raimi, George Romero and many more. We think that "non-ambitious" films don't deserve the bashing critic (that they usually met with) - they're just a piece of good work and a lot of fun. We are very often accused that there's no message in our films - maybe it's true, but we don't care.

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