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 English subtitles are included with films in the zip files. You can use them in all popular subtitle-enabled media players (not the default Windows Media Player and DVD-somethings), usually by using "Open Subtitle" menu option or simply dragging the .txt file onto the movie window.
Terminator 4: Next Generaton (2003)
True masterpiece of hi-profiled Sci-Fi. This short film novel follows into the footsteps of James Cameron, Mamoru Oshii and Philip K. Dick in the search of the man/machine essence definition. Conceived and shot in under two hours we hold this as our tribute to the ex-actor Arnold - reminding all his best lines from his best films. As far as we know, a hollywood remake is planned as "Terminator 4", with The Rock stepping into Kuba #1's Terminator boots.

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Honor and the Badge: Operation Z9 (2003)
The pilot of the series "Honor and the Badge". Two officers of the Polish People's Militia, Richard and Sonny, have been through a lot together. Now, they are facing a new challenge. Their friendship, training and courage will be tested once more. They have survived real hell in Chechoslovakia, but will they survive this night?

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Cybermystery (2003)
Cyborgs. Mutants. Criminal affair... Private eye John R. L. Dud Falcon accepts a new task, which seems to be very easy. To resolve the mistery of a professor's disappearing, he will have to visit the worst parts of the City and the computer network... Part of this film takes place in an old mine, witch makes it even more deep. Footage was shot both in Poland and Egypt.

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Candyman 2: Resocjalizator (2002)
Proper method of resocialisation can bring even the worst degenerates back to the society. Apes are not what they seem to be. A sequel to the never-released film "Candyman: vampire combat".

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Syndicate of Justice 2 (2001/02)
A high-adrenaline action combined with a philosophical element. Every watchful viewer will notice, apart from the main action, a parabolic projection of hero's psychic, his internal complex problems and dilemmas leading towards dramatic ending. This picture reaches to the deepest areas of human soul, it touches the questions of justice and finding one's place in the surrounding postnuclear world. Well-tasted formula of the film allows us to notice ever-current problems of everyone on this ruined planet. Although, for less-demanding viewers, "Syndicate of justice 2" can be received as a very nice no-brainer-shooting-galore... Unfortunately, we were not able to translate the lyrics of the background music, which is an important part of the film. Maybe next time.

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Mission: Gojira (2001)
This film was made while filming of "Hexen and the City of the Dead". As usual with the movies in this category ("marginal films"), the plot was invented as we went along filming... Inspirations: week before we have seen Godzilla 2000.

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Indiana Raider (aka Indiana Jones and the Sword of Atlantida) (2001)
Developed and filmed in less than an hour this is a continuation of the brave archeologist's adventures. This time, Indy heads towards a new adventure searching for his missing professional coleague. The quality of English is intentional (AYBABTU) :).

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ThE SupeR ElektroluX WorjorS (2000)
A Slav saga about the struggle between good and evil. A piece of a good filmmaking in true Ed Wood style :). Three good superheroes have to face two evil superheroes. The film was awarded the Grand Prix at the Trójmiasto Off Film Festiwal 2001 (Sopot, Poland).

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Car chases, shooot-outs, fights and meaningful dialogues - our native warrior in black fights a world-famous terrorist. Superterrorist Karlos Carlos is sent on a mission of assassination of the President of the USA. It appears that the President of the USA is not always the President of the USA, but fortunately everything is under control of Ninja warriors.

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Alien Riddle Series (part 2) (2000)
SF movie pastiche in 70s style. All parts performed by a single actor. It is a story about unceasing war between rebels from awful and comletely evil organisation - Grey Zombies - and the doctor Esef from the Silzla Empire.

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